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Eco-center for retreat and personal development

Located in a natural paradise in the mountains of central Mexico, Centro Nierika is an eco-center dedicated to personal growth, spirituality, healing arts and therapeutic sciences.

We provide an ideal natural setting for retreats, workshops, meetings and ceremonies with ecological facilities and beautiful gardens.

Nierika Center also offers therapeutic programs that integrate elements of traditional indigenous medicine and modern psychotherapy facilitated by multidisciplinary professional team

Our eco-retreat center is easily accessible from anywhere in the world – we are only 2 hours away from the Mexico City International Airport.

Nierika Center is a safe, ecologically and culturally-rich oasis neighboring a pilgrimage sanctuary site with a history that dates back thousands of years to Mexico’s ancient cultures.

Our unique programs at a glance


Integral Psychotherapy Retreats

Our therapeutic programs are led by world-recognized experts in the fields of integral psychology and intercultural medicine. We work with a variety of individual and group therapeutic approaches, including: Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness, among other psychotherapeutic tools. We provide ideal conditions for a gentle, yet deeply rooted journey of healing & self discovery that nourishes both body and soul.

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Facilities for retreats, workshops and special events

Nierika is situated in a peaceful and quiet river valley where the song of birds and the whisper of the wind inspire tranquility and introspection. Our ecological facilities and permaculture gardens help you feel immersed in nature and community. Get well and get a new sense of what a healthy daily life can be.  We are surrounded by mountains and waterfalls that invite for exploration, hiking or horse back during your stay.


Contemplative Gardens & Permaculture Orchards

Immerse yourself in the beautiful natural landscapes filled with exotic flowers and ancient trees, suited for a process of profound inner growth and contemplation. Enjoy practicing organic gardening, seeding edible plants and farming in our lovely gardens and orchards, allowing life to grow in the natural path. Create a balanced and nutritious diet of fruits and herbs, as a way of detoxifying from the urban atmosphere.

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Continued Educational Programs

Our multidisciplinary team of experts offer academic workshops and courses, specialized in the healing arts, spirituality, integral and transpersonal psychotherapy, intercultural medicine, yoga and contemplative practices. We can also provide the ideal workspaces to host any of your own workshops or corporate training, providing you with the necessary tools, lunch and coffee break, to create a perfect learning experience.


Historical Towns, Sacred Sites & Mythical Surroundings

Nestled in the Chichinautzin natural reserve 2 hours south of Mexico city, we are located in a lush subtropical watershed rich valley with springs and waterfalls. Ancient myths and archetypes live on in nearby historic world-heritage sites, temples and spiritual pilgrimage routes. Sacred sites such as Xochicalco, Malinalco, Chalma, have a mythical history from ancient cultures such as Toltecs & Aztecs, that still resonates in the surroundings.