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Integral Psychotherapy Retreats


Integral Psychotherapy Retreats

At Nierika, we provide a natural path to recovery and healing that helps you grow from your current challenge into the new phase in life.

We create an environment for deep self-exploration that allows new insights to emerge from within.

Our client-centered approach has demonstrated effectiveness in conditions such as chronic depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, loss and grief issues, PTSD, spiritual emergency and other mental, emotional and behavioral challenges.

The synergy of integral psychology and indigenous wisdom helps you identify the root causes of imbalance and become aware of how they prevent you from experiencing joy in your daily life. This is an important step towards developing a clear and simple strategy for restoring wholeness. Our team of holistic psychologists are world-recognized experts with over 20 years of experience bridging  psychotherapy, indigenous medicine and nature.

Our therapeutic programs are led by world-recognized experts in the fields of integral psychology and intercultural medicine.

Integral Therapeutic Tools

Gestalt, Integral and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Naturopathic medicine
Therapeutic Massages
Horticultural therapy
Art and dance therapy
Yoga & Meditation

Indigenous Traditional Medicine

Medicinal plants
Temazcal/ Sweatlodge
Healing ceremonies
Medicine Wheel
Diets & Detox